Jo-Nell Sieren

M E E T  J O - N E L L

Born and raised on the outskirts of Milwaukee, Jo-Nell’s passion for photography was evident early on as she trained her lens on those closest to her. Following high school, she uprooted herself and headed to Manhattan where she spent four years at the School of Visual Arts. Immersed in the art mecca that is New York, Jo-Nell worked with famous photographers and interned at prestigious galleries. Glitz and glamour aside, a span of 1,500 miles between herself and her subject matter of choice ultimately brought her back to the midwest after she had wrung all that she could from the city.

Jo-Nell currently lives and works in Chicago where she balances her time between life as an artist and life as an art dealer. She continues to build a body of photographic work documenting her family (now a mere 90 miles way) while acting as Assistant Director at Ken Saunders Gallery in the River North Gallery District.

R E A C H  O U T

Ken Saunders Gallery : Assistant Director
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